We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Zoos and small children = a recipe for success, in general. Even if it is rainy (very, very rainy). In fact, with gumboots, his ‘brella and puddle splashing being high on the Wee Man’s fun agenda at the moment, he’s happier when it is raining than when it’s not.

Which is why last week we were to be found gaily making our way around the zoo in the rain, surrounded by penguins, monkeys, lions, dinosaurs and dragons.

Yes, that’s right. I said dinosaurs and dragons.

I know what you’re thinking. Dinosaurs are extinct, and dragons are fantasy creatures, aren’t they? Well…yes, you’re right, but the dragon in question was ZSL London Zoo’s Komodo Dragon (which the Wee Man is convinced is actually a crocodile…SNAP!), and the dinosaurs have been brought back to life by Trunki!

The dragon (crocodile)...

I’m talking about Trunki’s fantastic new SnooziHedz, cute and cuddly little travel pillows that have a lovely snuggly bright and colourful animal themed blanket tucked away inside. Not only that, but once the blanket is removed you can still use the pillowcase as a pillow thanks to a clever little inflatable insert.

The SnooziHedz also have a brilliant little gadget on them called a Trunki Grip™, which  connects the pillow to the blanket, making sure the blanket doesn’t slide off when you’re out and about in the pushchair or the car.

Bubby D investigates the dinosaur SnooziHedz

They come in four great new designs – monkey, penguin, lion and dinosaur, and Bubby D has already earmarked the lion, whilst the Wee Man is after a dinosaur! (I like the penguin myself…why don’t they do them in Mummy size?!). Fully washable and priced at only £19.99, they’ll be on the Wee Man and Bubby D’s present lists for future jaunts to New Zealand for sure.

Leeroy the Lion

And why were Dudley the Dino, Leeroy the Lion, Mylo the Monkey and Pippin the Penguin hanging out with a Komodo dragon? It’s because Trunki are donating 50 pence from each sale of their new Animal SnooziHedz to support either the work of ZSL London Zoo, or the Bristol Zoo’s penguin conservation project in South Africa. So not only do you get a lovely snuggly pillow and blanket, you also get to help a great charitable cause too.

Talking of the great charitable cause, while we were there we also had a trip around the Zoo itself, of course!

After some enthusiastic puddle jumping by the Wee Man and his friend Florence, we headed off to see some fish, followed by monkeys, tigers and lions (the tigers and lions were all asleep which the Wee Man found hilarious for some reason, and hasn’t stopped talking about since). Then it was on to the penguins in their giant penguin pool.

That’s where we got the real advantage of the terrible weather – there were so few people there that we got a front row view of the penguin feeding. The Wee Man was enthralled and I have to admit I was pretty excited about it all too, there is something about penguins that just really makes me smile. I think perhaps it is their gracefulness in the water, compared to their awkwardness on land.

Lunch was eaten, butterflies and bugs observed, and the Wee Man had a quick run through the meerkat tunnels before we went and had a look at the giraffes (Wee Man’s ultimate favourite – because they’re tall ‘like Daddy’).

Then it was time to head home – and with the Wee Man, Bubby D and myself all very tired it was the perfect time for taking full advantage of the original SnooziHedz that the Wee Man had been given by the lovely Trunki ladies.

All in all a lovely day out – thanks Trunki!


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