Armies of the dead, missing fingers and brand new board games #littleloves

This week started on a high with the first ever Booze and Board Games night hosted by me. I was a bit nervous but it went well and I can’t wait to do it again, it’s so nice having people around that also love playing games, and can introduce me to some new ones too. There is a danger that this is going to lead to a lot more board games hoarding…

But I have done some other stuff as well:


This week has provided a bit of a change from the normal slew of dystopia. Instead, I went for a nice bit of mystery crime thriller and read The Trophy Taker, by Sarah Flint. IT’s about a serial killer, and he takes trophies from his victims. The number of whom is steadily increasing. It


made a nice change to read a bit of crime and the story kept me guessing, although I did have a reasonable idea from about halfway through who the killer might be (and I was right, although I didn’t figure out the whole reasoning behind it.


Two things I’ve watched this week – Game of Thrones (and I CANNOT WAIT for next week, because the army of the dead features heavily), and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Well, actually I’ve only watched half of that, because I fell asleep. But I fully intend to complete watching the whole thing in the very near future. I do like the interweaving of satirical zombification with satirical period drama. My only sadness is that I feel Mr Darcy isn’t quite broody enough – there’s more of an undercurrent of steely determination which makes him feel slightly less ‘lost’ than I imagine Mr Darcy should be. But still, ZOMBIES!


A Hello Fresh box arrived this week with five new recipes for us to prepare and stuff our faces with. It’s always tricky choosing which one to go for first, because generally they all sound delicious. Anyway, after eeny meeny miny mo I settled on Chicken Shawarma and it was a good decision, thank you random choice generating rhyme.


The weather this week has been a bit more predictable, and a lot more sunny. Despite this I’ve been wearing my winter UGG boot things (they are not UGG’s in the large and floppy sense, more fitted and streamlined) because they are waterproof, and comfortable, and I’ve lost or broken most of my other shoes.


Yesterday evening I remembered Crowded House exist, and had a sudden urge to listen to Mean To Me and Distant Sun. It’s a bit like rediscovering a long lost friend.

And lastly…

I’m off to Word Camp in Brighton this weekend, which I’m hoping will spur me on with my wordpress learning (and also provide me with some stickers).

AND I’m going to add a new category into this roundup of my life, which is:


magic maze board game

So that I can talk about the board games I’ve been playing. Magic Maze is a fairly short co-operative game that requires everyone to work together to get into a store, steal some jewels, and get out again. Which sounds simple when put like that, but there is a catch – each player can only make certain moves, and once the game is in play, no-one can talk to each other. I really liked it, definitely look forward to playing again.

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