The HP Business Wide Printers Challenge

When I was young, we had a ribbon printer. I don’t think they even exist any more – the type with the holes down the side of the paper and a very distinct whining noise as they painstakingly transferred words to the paper in a rough kind of dotty pattern. Each page took what seemed like an hour to be churned out as well. It got to the point where I’d get the ‘printer song’ stuck in my head – the slightly screechy whirring sound going round and round whilst visions of white and green never ending paper sheets danced before my eyes.

Things have changed a bit since then!

HP Business Printers are apparently now so fast that they can print up to 75 pages per minute – and not on holey edged, green and white striped paper either. In fact, HP are so confident about how well their printer performs that they challenged ten bloggers to stand next to one Generation Game style (definitely 80’s ribbon printer era) and try and recall as many pictures as they could from the many, many sheets that were printed out in the space of a minute – with the bonus that they would win each item they could remember. The prizes weren’t 80’s though – the HP Pavilion X2 on offer as star prize is very definitely worthy of a modern laptop technology mention 🙂

You can see here how they got on in the HP Page Wide Business Printers Challenge below!

HP Business Wide Printers have been developed as a low cost, spectacularly speedy, more productive and energy efficient machines than all other printers in their class. Never mind the fact they would send cats bonkers (did I mention the fact that my cats were obsessed with the ribbon printer, chasing the print head as it moved forwards and backwards?), they have also been developed to ensure that the cats would be greeted with high quality, crystal clear vivid-ink images as they shoot into the feed tray. Maybe pictures of mice? Or perhaps birds or fish… or even a finely detailed laser pointer dancing across the page, stop animation style! I’m pretty sure cats aren’t bothered about laptops anyway, unless they are using them as a warm surface to curl up on.

The bloggers who took part in the HP Business Wide Printers challenge certainly seemed to be as excitable as the aforementioned theoretical cats would be, and equally as flummoxed by the sheer speed at which the pages were churned out. Just watching the video, I could only remember one or two things that were shown myself (that HP Pavilion X2 being one of them!). As someone who regularly prints a high volume of stuff – the perils of being an antenatal teacher – it does look like an awesome printer, and being so speedy is a definite plus 🙂

The technology behind it all is very interesting, and you kind find out everything you ever wanted to know about HP Business Wide Printers on the HP Website. I’d like to say I understand it all (I don’t, really) but when it comes down to it, just seeing the pages fly out in that video is good enough for me.

kitten cat on hp laptop

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