Britmums Blogging Carnival – family and friends (and cats)

Newborn babies – well, she’s two and a half months now, where did that time all go? – and blogging don’t really mix that well. Not if you want to sit down for a good half hour and get some serious setting down of words done, anyway. And some reading of the words of others.

I didn’t know however, when I put down my name to host the Britmums Carnival a year ago, that we’d have Little B in our lives! So it’s kind of crept up without much forethought on my behalf and therefore the Carnival is perhaps not quite as merry as some of those that have gone by in previous weeks.

notting hill carnival 2007
the last actual carnival I went to – pre kids in 2007!

But much like Debden Day, our local community street party which was last weekend, the fun still goes on and I’ve got some great posts to share despite my terrible lack of planning…and they are all about family and friends, and the relationships we have with them.

So here to start is a little poem from Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs all about being a mummy. I can definitely identify with knowing all the words to CBeebies – I have to admit we’ve been watching quite a bit of it in the last three weeks as I try and juggle a newborn, a two year old, a four year old and their varying demands!

Next, another lovely poem from My Life, My Love about children and what we can learn from them (a lot of things, as you will see). Personally I am constantly amazed by what my children teach me – we always think of adults as being the teachers but it’s definitely a two way thing.

And The Three Little P’s talks more about learning as she discusses a happy vintage book find in her local Oxfam store. We have some old books too and they may be dated but they still hold the same wonder for my own children as they did for me.

Talking of history, Kate on Thin Ice has written about D-Day and how she and her family marked the 70th Anniversary. It looks like they had an emotional but happy time remembering the events that took place long ago and the impact they still have on families today.

Conversely, All About a Mummy has written a post about creating new memories – as they have a surprise they are about to unveil that the littler members of their family are sure to love!

And finally, Play and Learn Every Day tells us about what her family are doing together – making football watching more exciting. I’m sure a lot of families can relate to that.

Oh, did I mention NinjaKillerCat? She’s talking all about emotional glue – the things you get up to when you’re spending time AWAY from your family. There is cake involved, and a lack of football. And then a return to the family home, which is always a good to come back to after a fun day of me-time 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a post to include – it’s been great fun reading all of them and I’ve found some fabulous new blogs to follow. A perfect way to start the week, considering it is ending with BritmumsLive! where I hope to meet some of you in person and discover even more interesting reads!




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