May Day bank holiday weekend with Morrisons

I’ve shopped at Morrisons since way back in my student days. Living in a shared house, our closest supermarket was Safeway, which turned into Morrisons half way through my degree. Being students we had to live on a budget, and Morrisons did some great weekly offers which were posted through our door on a handy leaflet. We’d head to the store, buy all the offers and not much of anything else – because in general although the offers were very, very good everything else was a bit more on the expensive side than other supermarkets.

Now, I still shop at Morrisons and over the years I’ve noticed a steady decline in prices. I no longer go there for just the offers, but fairly often for our regular weekly shop as well. So when I was offered £80 of vouchers to do a weekly shop and test out their new ‘I’m Cheaper’ campaign, which has seen prices cut on over 1000 favourite products, I jumped at the chance! And so, armed with a fistful of lovely red spending money we headed off on the 4th of May to do a bit of shopping for our bank holiday barbecue the next day – as well as some essentials for the coming week too.

morrisons mum challenge - CopyBeing a regular visitor to our local Morrisons, I was well aware of the layout and we headed first to the fruit and vegetables to get the ingredients for our Spring Salad (approx £1.50 per portion). Being a bank holiday weekend I was expecting it to be really busy, but although there were a lot more shoppers than usual the store was still well stocked  – we were able to get just about everything that we needed on our list. Our Morrisons is an older store than some and it doesn’t have the lovely displays that I’ve seen in others, but the fruit and vegetable section still looks lovely and is a very welcoming way to enter the store.

morrisons mum shopping - CopyThe ‘I’m Cheaper’ branding was immediately obvious as we worked our way through the aisles, and quite a large proportion of the things on our list were happily also marked out as being cheaper. Almost all the ingredients for our Kiwi Pavlova were less expensive than in the past (and a generous slice of pavlova works out at just 35p – a bargain!). The same went for the kids dessert of Topsy Turvy Trifle, with jelly, raspberries, and raspberry delight all sporting lower prices (also resulting in a low price of 35p per portion).

With it being a barbecue, and with New Zealanders involved, we also had to get some meat. I must admit that I generally don’t find the meat to be particularly low priced at Morrisons and this time was no exception – the leg of lamb we wanted for our Butterfly Lamb with Rosemary was £7.99/kg which is about average really. Although there are often some good deals to be had, I tend to buy only the deals and nothing at standard price. This shop we just got the lamb, and some mince for a meal later in the week (a 2kg leg of lamb can make up to three meals once you factor in leftovers!).

morrisons mum at the checkout - CopyWhilst getting the rest of our shopping, I noticed a lot more cheaper prices and I was happy to pick up Morrisons nappies and washing powder at impressively small amounts. Drinks and snacks for our barbecue were great too – the Morrisons Signature range of non-alcoholic drinks are only £1.50 each and the raspberry lemonade and elderflower presse were enjoyed by everyone. The kids were very pleased with the ready made popcorn that they got – and at 66p a bag that was a bargain.

morrisons mum bank holiday barbecue - CopyHaving some lovely quality family time whilst doing the shop – getting the kids involved (the Wee Man is learning about shopping and money as part of his maths lessons this term in school) and then of course enjoying all our shopping as a lovely bank holiday barbecue with friends the next day all led to us having a great bank holiday weekend. Overall, our shop worked out around the same amount as usual but taking into account that we don’t usually buy whopping great legs of lamb then I reckon if it were a normal week it may have been a little cheaper.

morrisons bbq food options - CopyWe had great fun taking part and we’ll definitely keep on heading back to Morrisons – especially for the great deals and the lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. Hurray for being a #MorrisonsMum!





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