I’m twice as smart, and certainly twice as sick

Somehow January is nearly over. Everyone says it, the time goes quickly, but I think it has crept up on me more unexpectedly this year since we’ve had two weeks of various people in the family being ill – including me – and it’s like we’ve gone back to that weird time warp situation that exists between Christmas and New Year where no-one quite remembers exactly what day it is.

With all the illness and lack of sleep that comes with it, I’ve perhaps not been as busy as normal, but I’ve still managed to get some things done, nonetheless:


The third installment of the Cell 7 series by Kerry Drewer popped up on my kindle, waiting to be read. It’s been two months since I read the first two, but after a chapter or so I remembered what was going on, and enjoyed reading the installment that brings together all the crazy, money and power driven discriminatory dystopia and leaves, as you would expect, the ‘good guys’ as the victors. Or does it?


I’ve not been watching much TV lately – sitting gormlessly in front of a screen just hasn’t appealed. I think because in the limited free time I do have, losing myself in a book curled up in bed, or falling asleep on the book whilst curled up in bed, have been my preferred options.

BUT I was convinced by the Other Half to watch a slightly odd New Zealand based film all about a boy who is fostered by a grumpy old man and his somewhat more cheery wife, until one day the cheery wife dies and the boy and the old man end up as fugitives in The Bush. (That’s the Kiwi way of saying the outback, or the wilderness, or any other words that mean shitloads of trees and creatures and mud and rocks, basically). I actually did enjoy that. There were some good fairly comedic moments in it 🙂

Oh, and it was called Hunt for the Wilderpeople.


I stuck one of those microwave pizzas in the microwave, and pressed the buttons. That’s about as far as making things has got this week.


Due to the illness related nature of the week, pyjamas have been worn a lot. Mostly my warm and long sleeved Harry Potter related ones, and often covered with my big red fluffy cardigan which I’m sure is meant to be Christmassy, but I will insist on wearing it until the weather turns warm again, anyway.


Alexa seems to have lost the ability to understand that I have playlists, so there have been some random sounds coming out when I’ve asked her to play the stuff I actually do want to listen to. Muse has featured a bit, probably the most… oh, and Teenage Dirtbag too. There’s something quite fun about listening to D sing along to it.


Codenames: Deep Undercover made an appearance this week, and was good fun – we had some new people at BoardGameClub and perhaps it was a bit of a risque choice to play with people that we didn’t really know – but it all worked out well. And then came Dr Who Cluedo, which was fun but also confusing as none of us could ever remember exactly which murder weapon was which.

And lastly…

PROJECT HOUSE is moving along swiftly, and my aim for next week is to get the house in a suitable state to get contractors around to quote for work. Let’s see how that pans out.

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