Review: Britax BOB Revolution PRO

I’m not a massive jogger, but living right next to Epping Forest we do get around and I quite regularly use our pushchair for a big variety of terrains. One day, shopping in a nice flat smooth floored mall, and the next, walking for miles over knobbly tree roots and up and down hilly paths.

A lot of pushchairs cope much better with one thing than the other.

The BOB Revolution PRO? Well, it can cope with both, and with style. A flick of a switch gives the front wheel the ability to go from fixed to swivel, meaning those shop aisles are a lot more manageable.

You might be thinking, ‘so what, a lot of pushchairs can do fixed and swivel wheels’. But the BOB Revolution PRO is the ONLY pushchair that is approved for running, yet also has a swivel wheel. A big bonus where previously you’d need to have two different pushchairs for the different walks of life.BOB and the ducks

It has big wheels, bigger than the average pushchair, and they are air filled so it’s worth having a pump standing around. They’re sturdy, and have fantastic brakes including a hand-operated drum brake which really makes a difference when you’re travelling at some speed (and theres a wrist strap so you can make sure the pushchair doesn’t get away from you too). The seat unit is large and – I’m told, by my four year old who still fits in it due to the increased weight capacity over other pushchairs of 17kg – very comfortable. All this adds up to a pushchair which potentially takes up a lot of room. Yet, surprisingly it folds remarkably well, and although yes it IS quite large when folded, particularly with the front wheel sticking out, when you pop the wheels off using the quick release function it is actually a fairly compact fold for such a large stroller.

Bubby D gets a push from a friend
Bubby D gets a push from a friend

The fully adjustable suspension and the height adjustable handle mean it is comfortable to push for both the adult and the child involved. We have tried the pushchair with a variety of ‘pushers’ from 110cm to almost 2m tall, and all of them have found it easy to manouvre and steer. The hood canopy is large too and provides excellent coverage, as well as having a coverable viewing window. The seat reclines and is suitable from six months. I would say that taller children might find that the canopy restricts the seat unit somewhat – the seat position is high and when the canopy was extended the Wee Man had to bend to be able to see out; his head was also touching the top. However he is right at the top of the weight and age range so I think that is probably to be expected.

No problem with Bubby D fitting in the seat. aged 2.5
No problem with Bubby D fitting in the seat. aged 2.5

One thing all the kids loved is the little mesh pockets either side of the seat, to stash away drinks or ‘treasures’. I also really liked the fact that there is quite a lot of storage space – the shopping basket has a great capacity and means there is no need to hang anything off the handlebar, which is obviously a good thing if you are running with the pushchair!

'running' (ok, jogging a bit) at the Bliss Buggy Push
‘running’ (ok, jogging a bit) at the Bliss Buggy Push

With the adjustable shock absorbers, the ride is pretty smooth for the pushchair passenger even if you are jogging up and down and round and round – at least so I’m told by my almost three year old. With the viewing window and the ability to have the pushchair back a bit ‘open’ it’s easy to see that she’s enjoying herself too.

And even though it’s not the smallest of pushchairs, it’s still pretty good on public transport. Heading to the Bliss Buggy Push, a 5km run around Battersea Park, we used the tube and a couple of buses with no problems at all. In fact the large wheels mean it’s very easy to bump up and down stairs if you can’t find a friendly face to give you a hand.

Britax BOB buggy push on tube

It doesn’t come with a raincover, which you’d probably need for a downpour, but for a little bit of rain the hood gives more than enough coverage to keep little ones dry.

Britax BOB 4I thought that this pushchair would be too big for everyday use, and really just for jogging and rough terrain – but actually it’s surprised me. With the front wheel off it’s actually quite compact, I love how easily it folds and with the swivel front wheel and handle brake it’s actually pretty good for nipping around the supermarket too.

It’s certainly not a tiny city stroller. But if you’re looking for something that offers the best of both worlds and is great for the saturday morning parkrun as well as strolling around the streets and shops then I reckon this is just the pushchair you need.

Britax BOB 3


The Britax BOB Revolution PRO costs £455 and is available from the Bobgear Website – where you can also get lots of other accessories for it too.

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