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meeting new baby cousin

Living Arrows 27/52

It’s been a really busy week this week, with so many different things going on. The kittens are getting bigger every day …

newborn kitten being weighed

Kitten watch – week 1

So, Pixel finally popped. I’d been a bit worried the kittens were never going to arrive, and then, sitting working from home …

first school sports day

Living Arrows 24/52

The Other Half has been away in America this week, and so it has been a very action packed week for me …

jumping on stomp rocket wicked uncle

Review: Wicked Uncle

What do kids like, anyway? 8 years ago if you’d have asked me that question, I’d probably have come up with the …

bouncing high on trampoline

Living Arrows 22/52

This week marks the end of the first part of the summer term – and the beginning of a week of half …

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